2 DeMarini Bats- 2017 ONE plus 2015 Flipper Aftermath OG – Combo



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USSSA + ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat Combo:

2016 DeMARINI ONE OG Slowpitch Softball Bat DXONE – All Assocations

2017 ONE plus 2015 Flipper. You asked for it and now it’s here. the 2016 DeMARINI ONE OG has brought back The One OG in all its glory. Designed to be an all-association monster, The One features a 13” 4.ONE composite barrel with a stiff SC4 alloy handle for a single piece feel but in a two piece bat. The DeMarini The One OG updated design helps improve pop no matter what league you are playing in.

You don’t need a bunch of arrows in your quiver if you’ve got one that does the trick. The ONE O.G. is approved to mash in all associations. Featuring a slightly stiffer 12” S.ONE Composite barrel and a ZnX Alloy handle that reduces flex, the ONE O.G. is the only bat you need and the only bat the pitcher will remember.

Bat Highlights:

  • 12-inch S.ONE Composite Barrel – Used exclusively in our Stadium Power Series bats – the S.ONE composite is designed for maximum stiffness and explosive performance.
  • ZnX Alloy Handle – By increasing stiffness and durability, the ZnX alloy handle flexes less and forces the barrel to deflect more for increased overall barrel performance.
  • Dish End Cap – A concave design creates mass stiffness at the end of the barrel while driving energy back towards the sweet spot.
  • Authorized for ASA, USSSA, ISA, NSA sanctioned play
  • 1-Year Warranty


2015 Flipper Aftermath OG WTDXFLS – ASA

ASA Arsenal
Advanced Divergence Technology paired with SC4 Alloy handle to command 52/300 balls.
ASA, meet OG
We’re taking it back. Way back. The Flipper Aftermath OG is the dominate player in the
ASA game. Designed to breakthrough the clutter, it’s crushing the 52/300 ball game.
Combine our Divergence Technology with a 13” Barrel, juicy sweet spot and its stiff SC4 Alloy handle — there is nothing amateur about this bat.
Divergence Barrel
Two layers of composite materials sandwich an air gap creating a super responsive sweet-spot with maximum performance for High COR Low Compression balls.
SC4 Alloy Handle
Stiffest handle designed and manufactured by DeMarini with the strongest alloy.
Dish End Cap
Concave design creates mas stiffness at the end of the barrel while driving energy back to the sweet spot.

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