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Governing bodies (for example, the USSSA) set unique standards for bat performance. Bat manufacturers make bats to meet these standards. Each standard, however, is different. So, bats meeting one standard may not meet another. Bats are marked with logos identifying the standard which they meet.

Leagues adopt the standards they deem appropriate for play under their particular rules. League adoptions vary region by region, so we highly recommend consulting your coach and/or league official to understand the standard adopted by your league prior to purchasing a new bat.

The following information will help you understand in the standard adopted by your league:

There are five major governing bodies for fastpitch softball. They are Amateur Softball Association (ASA), United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA), Independent Softball Association (ISA), National Softball Association (NSA), and International Softball Federation (ISF).

These logos can be found on bats, and certify that the bat is legal for certain leagues and tournaments. Please check with your coach/league for details on what bats are approved.

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